Think Pink

I feel a need to clarify something..or some things… First..I have never lived in Boston…yet I fell in love with the Red Sox and they are my absolute favorite team. I am also a very feminine woman. More over..I love the color pink. It makes me feel pretty. The play on words for the title of my blog is only that. A play on words. It has come to my attention that the term  “Pink Hat” is a derogatory term used by some Boston Red Sox fans…like if you’re a Pink Hat you are a come along on the band wagon chick…and not too intelligent.

I’m going to say it..I think that’s rude and close minded. Maybe some of these die hard fans need to pull their heads out of their butts long enough to realize that everyone starts somewhere…and with our team’s track record we should be happy to be getting new fans and shouldn’t be shoving them away. I see the same thing in the gaming world. I’m a gamer geek chick. I love DnD..Battletech..Magic the Gathering…not to mention the sheer amount of time I spend playing  PC and console games..Too many pedantic fools who think they are entitled to treat newbies however they wish to stroke their own egos run around in things like gaming and sports and they need to get a clue on how to treat other people. It’s not cool to put someone down for not knowing as much as as you. Especially when they are trying to learn and maybe even befriend you or someone like you someday.

Now, more on the pink. I personally love the color pink. I love to wear it…I love to write about it. Pink is a very positive color psychologically. When you have someone like me who is prone to manic depression you need as many positive influences as you can get. That being said…I’ve never been a big fan of wearing pink sports wear. I enjoy the team colors and find wearing a pink version of a team more than a little bit of an eyesore.

 I’d shoot myself before wearing this…as my blood would dye the pink back to the correct colors. I snagged this pic from the MLB online shop for the Red Sox.

As a rule I will never put a baby girl in this stuff..who knows what it would do to their cute little psyches?  They need to know and wear the proper team colors! Always! Also, this pic was snatched from the MLB online shop for the Red Sox.

Now this is what you put a little Red Sox fangirl in. Correct colors and still very girly. ^_^ Also snagged this from the MLB Red Sox online shop. They have some great swag there… Now I just need more money.

Pink makes a better accent in my personal opinion. Now…I will wear the pink gear for the breast cancer research events of course…but otherwise..just a small pink ribbon pin on my collar, purse, or hat will normally suffice for me. I won’t even go into how yucky I find pink camo….eesh….what jungle is that nightmare supposed to blend in with?

This is the only time I have ever liked pink camo…and that’s just because the cute dog is rockin’ that jacket! I found this pic via google as I was looking for a good shot of pink camo.

Now that I’ve gotten that rant out of my system…lol…I’ll talk to you folks later after the Giants game tonight. ^_^


The Yankees can kiss my shiny metal…

…that is..they could if I were a bending grade robot…as I am not…ah well. C’est la vie. Is it la or le? Hmm, not sure. Anywho. I am more than a little annoyed over the outcome of the Twins/Yankees game. P.O.ed to be truly specific. The first two games were nice. The Rangers killed the Rays..and the Reds barely put up a fight. It was very nice. Then the Yankees did what they do best. You know..the whole coming from behind thing. Wow..there is so a gay joke in there. And this coming from a bi woman. I feel like giving myself a LOL. I think I will.


There. LOL. Can’t we just feed the Yankees team to some starving kids in Africa already? Or would that be considered a cruelty to the children?

I won’t even go into my annoyance that the Situation wasn’t voted off Dancing with the Stars last night. He is such a jerk-off…and he doesn’t even try to hide it. I feel so bad for Karina that she has spend time around him. He’s worse than Kate Gosselin and she was a walking/talking/breathing train wreck that should have had her tubes tied ages ago!

Ok guys…I’ll talk at you again after tomorrow’s games..prolly. Cya! 

Movers..shakers…and missing games?! OH NOES!

Well..this week is going to be rough…for me that is….I have just over five days to pack up everything for an impromptu move this coming Monday..I say just over five because I know this weekend is completely packed with other fun stuff. Yay moving on short notice…WHEE!

So naturally my ability to watch T.V. is quite hindered…this includes my watching of Dancing with the Stars….Big Bang Theory..NCIS….the Bold and the Beautiful…the Young and the Restless… (shush..I already stated I was a girly girl..and I love my soaps!)not to mention of course the Playoffs. mumbles something not so nice

So here is the current game schedule..and I’ll mark the ones I hope to watch…as in I really hope I don’t miss them…radio is nice..but watching it is oh so much better.  I’d kill to see them in person…buuut..I live in effin Las of the sports apathetic. You’d think with so many tourists they’d figure it out that a Major League sports team would help city revenue..right? WRONG. Oscar Goodman says he loves our town..but hot smurf he’s a dumb bunny on some of the more important things. Sweet monkey he sucks.

Anyway..the schedule.


National League
CIN@PHI at 5:07 pm ET

American League
TEX@TB  at 1:37 pm ET
NYY@MIN at 8:37 pm ET or 5:37pm my time  .::This is the one Wed. game I really really don’t want to miss! I’m for the Twins in this game by the way…and not just because it’s the Yankees…I heart the Twins as it’s one of my sisters favorite teams.::.


National League
ATL@SF at 9:37 pm ET or 6:37 pm my time  .::Another game I don’t want to miss…this is what familial bloodshed is all about. The Braves are my sisters other favorite team and the Giants are one of my mothers. This could get quite violent!::.

American League
TEX@TB at 2:37 pm ET
NYY@MIN at 6:07 pm ET or 3:07 pm my time .::Really don’t want to miss this::.

National League
CIN@PHI at 6:07 pm ET
ATL@SF at 9:37 pm ET or 6:37 pm my time .::Depending on their game one…this could go either way with the mini family war that is sure to be going on over this…::.

American League

Saturday…I refuse to miss games I don’t have to miss. I absolutely refuse. looks like Sunday and Monday will be a wash for the most part…maybe even Tuesday.Sunday is the three year Anniversary of meeting my husband..and we always go on a day long date to where we met. Monday we throw boxes into a moving van. Tuesday…we move. Yech.

As it’ll all probably see a few more posts from me between now and Saturday depending on what I’m able to view. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I don’t throw my hip out or something with the mountain of packing I have to do this week. Yay and yippie skippy.


Can’t you tell I’m just soooo excited to be moving?! What? You can’t? Well shoot!

See everyone later this week!


That felt good….watching today’s Red Sox/Yankees game was truly satisfying. True..we are not going to playoffs…but watching my kids make a run and a Yankee hit themselves in the face trying to catch the ball felt really really good. I feel a little mean saying it..but hot smurf that felt good!!

Then add that the Braves won and the Giants are currently beating the Padres and you have one happy woman.

I just wish I didn’t live in Las Vegas sometimes….no Major league ball here..just a AAA minor league farm team for the Blue Jays…and the 51’s really don’t know how to win..I mean..seriously…their games just hurt…the PR people actually have trouble giving their tickets away…and the stands are still barely half full…it’s painful. Really. I miss the days when they were the Stars and the farm team for the Dodgers..those were good days.

Le sigh

The season is just about over…and like many Sox fans my heart was broken…again. I’ll grant that they really tried their best…I like to think they did anyway…but I’m still stewing over this past Sunday’s  Red Sox / Yankees game. Our coach will never get coach of the year pulling stunts like that. Trying be all happy and friendly. Daisuke should have never been rotated out. If someone is doing that well you keep them in! I understand that he wanted to give everyone a chance to pitch…but that isn’t how you win a ballgame! For cripes sake! Quit holding hands and use actual tactics! PLEASE!